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Silk Sleep Mask “Chinoiserie” in emerald green

Sale price€119,00

Indulge in elevated sleep with our exquisite silk sleep mask featuring the enchanting “Chinoiserie” print. This luxurious mask not only enhances your rest but also minimizes wrinkles, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating slumber. 

  • Crafted from of 100% silk
  • Cotton padding inside
  • The elastic velvet band ensures a comfortable and secure fit, accommodating different head sizes

Silk, known for its exceptional properties, goes beyond comfort and style. Its natural fibers assist in retaining moisture close to the skin, aiding in the prevention of aging effects. Experience the touch of true luxury against your body as you drift into a world of tranquility.

For a truly captivating ensemble, pair the sleep mask with our stunning "Chinoiserie" products. The combination creates an ultimate look that exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating your relaxation experience to new heights.

To enhance your experience further, each sleep mask comes with a small lavender-scented bag, elegantly packaged in our signature Castlebird Rose box. This makes it ideal for gifting or as a treat for yourself, adding an extra touch of charm to the presentation.

In line with our commitment to sustainable fashion, we ensure that all excess materials from our products are upcycled into new creations, minimizing waste and contributing to a more environmentally conscious approach.

Elevate your sleep routine to a whole new level of opulence with our "Le Perroquet" silk sleep mask. Revel in the benefits of silk while indulging in the epitome of comfort and style.

    Read more about the benefits of silk here.

    Care info: Hand wash only! Read more about silk care here.