Castlebird Rose is a Nordic slow fashion designer brand, where silk meets the art of painting.

We believe in the power of imagination. With unique, yet timeless designs we wish to make women dream about distant lands and the magic of old times. By recreating artists´ original paintings on genuine silk and other authentic materials, we design deluxe garments, to give every day a touch of luxury and magic. Strong attention is paid to the highest quality, style and exceptional comfort.

Castlebird Rose silk fabrics are custom printed in England. Each collection is produced in limited edition, in order to give it a touch of couture.                                                          


Influenced by a childhood in a historical manor, surrounded by art and beautiful gardens, Aira Priks, founder of Castlebird Rose, had always wanted to create something beautiful of her own. In November 2015 she found herself in an art gallery in Paris, buying another old painting. A kimono shop, located just next to the gallery, inspired her to create her first classic kimono. The kimono seemed like a perfect canvas on which the motifs stood out beautifully. And so the first Castlebird Rose kimono was born.


Our special mission is revival of old hidden gems of the art world. Exclusively original designs by artists are used on our fabrics. These original paintings, collected by our designer Aira over the years from art galleries and antique shops all over Paris, now belong to our art collection. This makes Castlebird Rose´s prints extremely unique and valuable, as our clients have an exceptional opportunity to contribute to bringing art closer to society.


 We believe in the beauty and importance of sustainability. This is why we ensure that all our collections are made of eco-friendly materials. We aim to minimise waste during pattern making so that the entire roll of fabric can be used. Castlebird Rose upcycle all fabric leftovers into home décor products. We hope our customers will support sustainability by purchasing our products for lifetime.