Circular fashion is all about maximizing the entire life cycle of a piece. That’s exactly what we strive to achieve as a growing fashion brand. All excess materials in clothmaking are used for creating new products—from scented lavender sachets & sleep masks to doll clothes. We work with a lot of silk; we don’t want to waste its beauty. So we gift-wrap most of our items using silk bags made of silk leftovers from the clothes production. Silk is naturally biodegradable. Still, we gladly repair the silk items our clients have purchased from us. That’s how we extend the life cycle of every piece of silk that comes our way. In addition, our collections mostly include Japanese kimonos. The Japanese kimono cut is one of the most sustainable clothing pieces in the world as it consists of rectangular shapes. Making it produces no leftovers. And it’s made of silk—a natural biodegradable material.