New Collection “Ville Lumière”

Our fabulous new capsule collection, “Ville Lumière”, infuses a luxurious aura to your summer events

 The founder and designer of our brand, Aira Priks, has always been fascinated by Paris. She has been exploring the magnificent Parisian art galleries for some years. Two years ago, she discovered another hidden gem of the art world - a gorgeous French watercolour painting in a mirrored frame signed Lenoir. The art piece dates back to the year 1900 - the era of Belle Époque, a period when fine art, fashion, and entertainment flourished as never before.

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 Our capsule collection “Ville Lumière” (The City of Light) is dedicated to this exceptional year 1900 in the history of Paris, France.

 Slip into these beautiful dresses and charm the world!

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